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Plastic Pallet Prototyping Now Available at Wilmington Machinery |

The use of plastic pallets has increased over the years because they are very durable and reusable, giving them a longer lifespan than wood pallets. Plastic pallets are also easier to clean and sanitize between loads to meet strict hygienic requirements.

Wilmington Machinery understands that many customers are not ready to buy a plastic pallet molding system immediately, and has developed a new solution for molders. The company is now offering pallet prototyping in its state-of-the-art laboratory for those who need to prove their pallet design before committing to the full system. Customers can work with Wilmington’s design team to develop a pallet suitable for their project, purchase a mold, and test the mold at Wilmington’s facility.

Since 1975 Wilmington Machinery has been building and furnishing integrated and automated plastic pallet molding systems for customers across the globe. Wilmington’s line of pallet machines produces robust, lightweight, and low-cost pallets from virgin and 100% recycled polymers.

From its modern 65,000-square-foot facility in Wilmington, NC, the company can quickly meet customer needs for a range of plastics processing machinery. International shipments are expedited through the nearby deep-water Port of Wilmington.

Plastic Pallet Prototyping Now Available at Wilmington Machinery |

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