If you'e after a decent sized slow cooker to make family meals in, this Morphy Richards Slow Cooker is exactly what you need

It's the school holidays and you're more than likely juggling work and family life, with the extra challenge of figuring out what meal you're going to cook for the family next. Electric Cooker

Amazon is selling this Morphy Richards Slow Cooker that

Why not take some of the pressure off and invest in this Morphy Richards 3.5 Litre Ceramic Slow Cooker, priced at £19.49 down from £34.99 that will allow you to put your ingredients in and cook your meal to perfection whilst you're at work?

Maybe you've got a day out planned with the family, the last thing you're going to want to do is start preparing a meal from scratch when you get home.

Takeaways aren't always an option when you've been out spending all day on the kids, but at least with the Morphy Richards Slow Cooker, you can prepare your meal before you set off for the day and come home to a delicious, healthy, home-cooked meal.

Enjoy flavoursome homemade meals in the evening from casseroles and soups to succulent pulled pork, tasty tagines, indulgent chocolate puddings and so much more.

Element encircles the crock for even cooking

The ceramic slow cooker comes with a glass lid and is super easy to use - it will allow you to cook joints of meat, stews, mouth-watering casseroles, soups, curries and chillies.

It'ss also ideal for when you're entertaining family and friends. All you need to do is throw your ingredients in, set the timer and let it do its thing.

If you've got a larger family or plan to entertain a large crowd, then you may want to snap up this Morphy Richards 6.5L Easy Time Slow Cooker instead? It's currently priced at £39.99 reduced from £79.99, saving you a massive 38%.

Amazon is selling this Morphy Richards Slow Cooker that

Appliance Kitchen If you're wanting to get your hands on either of these slow cookers whilst they're on offer then you'll need to be quick as there's no telling how long these offers will last and once they're gone, they're gone!